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12377FW: [wsjtgroup] Rx=Tx / Tx=Rx Change Request

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  • Bob McCormick
    Feb 19, 2014
      I don't remember if I indicated it in my original post (if I didn't I was
      thinking about it) ...

      Most rigs have buttons like:

      A > B
      M > A

      so I agree that maybe this is also worthy of a change of the button's text
      as well. Not sure what that should look like though ...

      Tx 1234 Hz [Tx=Rx]
      Tx 1234 Hz [<RX]
      Tx 1234 Hz [Tx<Rx]

      The first one is what it would look like without any changes (the png I
      posted with the original suggestion).

      The second one: would it be obvious that it means copy the RX setting into
      the field to the left?

      The third one just swaps the = with a <

      Lastly - most of us read left to right ... so anything where we're taking
      something on the right and moving it to the left ... does that add

      In the end - I think this will be like driving a car with gears (manual
      shift): you typically don't look at the knob to see where to move it ... and
      I think moving the buttons will make it a bit more intuitive as to what's
      going to happen (no matter what the button label says).

      Bob W1QA
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