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12375Re: [wsjtgroup] Rx=Tx / Tx=Rx Change Request

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  • Andrew White ZL3CC
    Feb 19, 2014
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      K9HDE wrote:

      Well if some work is going to be done in this area, I would like the = sign to be replaced by Rx->Tx and Tx->Rx or some equivalent indication as to what is being changed to what.

      I may have made a suggestion similar to this in the past with the explanation that the current coding is not intuitive. My request seems to be a change in 2 fixed fields providing for the addition of 2 more characters on this panel.
      I second that. While changing the position will help a lot, the change to labels would make it even clearer. Certainly not intuitive at present.
      Andrew ZL3CC

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      4a. Re: WSJT-X v1.3 UI change suggestion [1 Attachment]
      Posted by: "Joe Taylor"joe@... k1jt
      Date: Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:20 pm ((PST))

      Bob --

      Good idea, thanks. It will be done.

      -- Joe, K1JT

      On 2/17/2014 7:56 PM, Bob McCormick wrote:

      > I occasionally use the Tx=Rx and Rx=TX buttons in the main WSJT-X program
      > window. And sometimes I occasionally click on the wrong one - which has
      > undesired results.
      > Maybe a better approach would be to put the button to the right of the
      > field? For example:
      > Tx 2949 Hz [Tx=Rx]
      > Rx 2949 Hz [Rx=Tx]
      > See the attached PNG (I hope attachments are allowed on this list).
      > Bob W1QA


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