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12362Strange behavior with USB sound card

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  • bcvspin
    Feb 18, 2014
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      I am testing Wsjtx on my A20-Olinuxino, dual core ARM micro pc.
      Operating system is Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu 13.10.
      Sound card is a Hercules Muse XL LT3 external USB. All is working without any problem in Fldigi and also in rx mode with Wsjtx r3496 (sorry no Qt5 on this Debian version). In tx mode all is OK if soundcard is connected to USB port but no sound at all if connected to an USB hub, powered or not.
      Running Ubuntu 13.10 I can test last version of Wsjtx (in Ubuntu there is Qt5) and I can see same behavior. No problem with soundcard directly connected and no sound if connected to USB hub.
      Fldigi and other VHF modem (soundmodem and direwolf) are all working without any problem with soundcard connected to USB Hub.
      Is wsjtx requiring some special performance to soundcard?

      Franco Spinelli