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12353RE: Rig Control Bug

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  • kc2wuf
    Feb 17, 2014
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      I've gotten some direct feedback and I think I didn't make myself clear as to what situation I have a problem with. First off, I don't have a crash of any kind. This is not something that prevents me from operating. The situation arose when I was working split at Tx = 3200 (VFO B is 1.5kHz higher than VFO A). I then tried to go back to a station that I had previously called by typing 1200 into the Tx box. This should set VFO B to 0.5 kHZ lower than VFO A, but when I enabled Tx, I noticed that VFO B was still set to 1.5 kHz higher than VFO A. The other operator happened to see me up the 2 kHz high and after I discovered where I was, I clicked on the waterfall and this set my VFO B to the necessary 0.5 kHz below VFO A.

      My whole point of this post is that I would expect the manual entry to change the VFO B in the same manner as the other methods of changing VFO B for purposes of working split.

      73 David KC2WUF
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