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12343Re: [wsjtgroup] Decode problem

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  • John - kc2rxs
    Feb 16, 2014
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      Hi Bill,

      Since you can do WSPR, I'm sure that you just have something set incorrectly.

      The new WSJT-X, can do both JT65 and JT9, make sure you have the correct mode selected in the MODE Tab.

      It can also decode both at once, but only in separate areas of the waterfall.
      That is selected by a setting in the waterfall window.

      If you don't have anything showing in the waterfall, make sure you have the correct sound card selected.

      Good Luck, 73, John - kc2rxs

      On 2/16/2014 2:27 PM, Bill Gardiner wrote:

      Looking for some help using WSJT-X
      Using FT-950 and Signalink USB.
      I feel it is a setting i am missing as i can successfully
      use Fldigi, WSPR & Digipan w/o any problems.
      Clock is synced using Dimension 4.
      I just can't receive/decode.
      Thanks for any advice.
      Bill n3dxe

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