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12339Re: [wsjtgroup] RE: wsjtx ptt issue Linux Mint

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  • Larry Mundinger
    Feb 13, 2014
      On 02/13/2014 04:54 AM, bill.8@... wrote:
      > If you have USB<->serial convertor; that may be your easiest solution
      > for now.
      I had the same problem with my homebrew interface. It was built to use
      RTS from the DB9 serial connector which worked perfectly with Fldigi and
      Serial Port Terminal.

      In an attempt to use WSJT-X I got a USB to serial converter which works
      perfectly with Fldigi and Serial Port Terminal. WSJT-X, when set to key
      with /dev/ttyUSB0 and RTS, will key the transmitter but is erratic in
      un-keying it.

      Strangely, if I set WSJT-X to use DTR it will also key the transmitter
      but most often fails to un-key it. This should not happen as my
      interface does not even have the DTR line connected. Neither of the
      other programs will key the transmitter if DTR is raised so there is not
      a wiring error. WSJT-X is apparently raising both RTS and DTR
      regardless of the configuration setting.

      Perhaps WSJT-X in raising both RTS and DTR runs into a timing problem
      when bringing them down.

      Hope this helps as I would prefer to not use VOX control.

      Larry, KG4Q
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