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12334RE: [wsjtgroup] wsjt9/linux

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  • Jim - N4ST
    Feb 12, 2014
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      Hi David,

      I don't use Linux, so can't help you there.
      But, my question is, did you want to install WSJT9, which is primarily for
      UHF/VHF applications such as meteor scatter and EME, or did you mean to
      install WSJT-X, which is widely used on HF with the JT9 and JT65 protocols..

      Jim - N4ST

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      first to confess "I no nothing".

      i have set up suse 13 on a good computer and trying to get wsjt9 to go.

      via the program apper, i think i installed wsjt9. the program comes up
      seemingly ok but i can see no audio trace.
      audio via signalink works ok on fldigi and multipsk.
      what numbers do i put in wsjt9 setup to get the signalink input ?


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