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12325WSJT Doc Builds For Windows - Update

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  • Greg Beam
    Feb 9, 2014
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      Hello All,

      In a discussion with Joe, we decided to remove source-highlight from
      all docs apart form dev-guide. This dramatically simplifies the
      requirements for building on Windows machines.

      ** No Cygwin, No Bash, No MinGW/MSYS or any other form of POSIX like
      system is required. The only requirement is Python, and of course
      Subversion, but that is needed no matter which OS is used.


      ** Install Python (2.5 thru 2.7.x), 32 or 64 bit. I used 32-bit.
      Link: (grab the 2.7.6 Win Installer): http://www.python.org/download/
      - - I used the default settings, installing all to the hard drive.

      ** Ensure Python is in your $USER PATH. The script will check and exit
      if not found. Most Py2.x.x installer do *not* add this to your path
      for you.

      - - To Add: open a CMD window, then: *setx PATH "%PATH%;c:\Python27"*
      - - If you installed Python elsewhere, edit c:\Python27 as needed.
      - - Close the CMD window, open a new CMD window, then: echo %PATH% ..
      look at the end of the string, you should see [ c:\Python27 ]
      - - Additionally, test Python with: python -V .. it should render the
      Python version.
      - - If you add the path manually, add it to $USER PATH, *not* system
      path settings. You will probably need a re-boot with manual addition.

      - - svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/wsjt/branches/doc
      - - Browse to ./doc
      - - Double-Click or Right-Click >> Open build-doc.bat
      - - A small CMD window should open and parse through the docs.
      - - Browse to doc/wsjtx then open wsjtx-main-toc2.html
      - - Should Bring up the latest WSJT-X User Guide, in TOC2 format.

      - - Lots .. but the the basic script works.

      Greg, KI7MT

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