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12307WSJT-X decoding and operating best practice

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  • Bob McCormick
    Feb 6, 2014

      In section 12 of the current on-line documentation it mentions:

      >> For operator convenience the decoder goes through its full
      >> procedure twice: first at the selected Rx frequency, and then
      >> over the full displayed frequency range. Each decoding pass
      >> can be described as a sequence of discrete blocks.

      When the first pass is performed - how tight does the decode focus on the

      I do a lot of listening and once in a while I'll respond to a CQ. Sometimes
      I find I don't get a reply ... and in some cases the station ends up calling
      someone else whilst other cases calls CQ again.

      My first guess is that we may have the same problem that you have when doing
      search and pounce during contests where when everyone clicks on a packet
      <sic> spot resulting in everyone calling the station on the exact same

      I've found that in some cases bumping my TX frequency up a bit may help (if
      I don't get a return call on the first reply).

      Assuming that the transmitting station is also receiving exactly on the same
      frequency ... how many Hz can I move before my decode falls into the second
      pass algorithm?

      Bob W1QA
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