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12129RE: wsjt-x with virtual port emulator

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  • k3wyc
    Jan 13, 2014
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      When you say you cannot connect, do you mean that wsjt-x does not see the virtual port, or that it makes a brief connection and then CAT fails.

      I used VSPE in "Device=PAIR" mode with WSJT-X r 3496 during testing of Ian Wade's CATFix software.  During that development we found that any application that turns on the Kenwood TS-590S IF; command will cause wsjt-x to be overloaded with IF responses and fail the CAT connection.  When IF; mode was not active then wsjt-x had no issue connecting through the virtual port.  It is for this reason that CATfix has provision for disabling the IF; mode.

      I would expect the TS-2000 to have the same issues if HRD uses the IF; command.

      Hope this helps.


      Andy k3wyc.

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