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12083Running WSJT-X & WSPR-X Together ???

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  • Bob Segrest
    Jan 3, 2014

      Hello Everyone,


      I have an Anan-10 HPSDR rig that I use mostly for JT65 and JT9.  When I am not actively operating I tend monitor the 30M band between 10.138 and 10.142 MHz using WSJT-X.


      As the WSPR segment on 30M is right in the middle of this, I would like to also run WSPR-X concurrently.  Everything seems to work, but I’m struggling a bit with the WSPR-X tuning.  The default radio frequency for WSPR-X is 10.138.7 MHz.  But I want to keep my rig tuned to 10.138 MHz for JT65 monitoring.  It seems that there should be a way to tune WSPR-X to monitor 2100-2300 Hz audio instead of the default 1400-1600 Hz.


      Is this possible? 


      Bob Segrest, KO2F


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