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12080RE: WSJT-X Crashing - Update

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  • k3wyc
    Jan 3, 2014


      I'm still using r3496.  It has an issue that may perhaps be related to the crash in later versions.

      In r3496, if the TX cursor is moved after TX has started, then CAT disconnects.  This will happen if say you had intended to call CQ then, after TX has started, you decided to respond to another station by clicking their decode.

      Other issues in r3496 that show programming errors but do no induces crashes are:

      Tune tone is often on the wrong freq, e,g over 3k when split is active.  This is fixed by a brief JT9 or JT65 TX.

      The start of a JT9 or JT65 TX is sometimes on the wrong freq.  If you listen to the TX signal you will sometimes hear a large frequency shift within the first second of transmission.  This also shows on my Spectrum Lab monitor of TX audio which shows the initial tone sometimes well outside the 1k-2k range expected for split in r3496.

      Both of the above suggest that the TX frequency is not being properly refreshed and is different from the TX cursor position until after a JT9 or JT65 transmission is started.


      Andy k3wyc

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