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12074Re: [wsjtgroup] WSJT-X Crashing - Update

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  • Joe Taylor
    Jan 2, 2014
      Hi all,

      From KB3MOW and W1QA:
      >> Briefly, r3590 would crash often, when changing frequency or band,
      >> either by selecting a new freq/band or replying to a call on a different
      >> frequency.
      > Tail ending your post ... my first efforts with WSJT-X (I come from the EME
      > side of life and just this weekend for the first time on HF).
      > Using v1.2.1 r3590 and noticed similar behaviour: the program crashed a few
      > times when I changed bands and once when I turned the radio off.

      We (the WSJT development team) would like to make the WSJT-X v1.2.1 beta
      release (r3590) into a full release some time soon. For obvious
      reasons, we'd like to diagnose and correct any unstable program behavior

      Unfortunately, none of us is observing the program crashes you describe,
      so this makes diagnosis difficult.

      It appears that at least one of the stability issues has to do with CAT
      control and arises when changing frequency or band. I can't seem to
      generate such an error with my setup (TS-2000 radio, either direct
      control or through Commander). So it may be a rig-dependent issue.

      If you can generate program misbehavior at will, please let us know jow
      to do it, and what your setup is.

      If you have another program stability issue, perhaps not obviously
      related to CAT control, please tell us about that also. Messages to
      this group are OK, but off-list email is OK too.

      With best wishes for the New Year,

      -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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