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TS-590S firmware upgrade is a must

  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    Dec 6, 2013 Expand Messages
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      See the "TS-590S Resources Page" for links to the new version of the
      TS-590S firmware and new version of ARCP-590:


      The firmware update to v1.08 is particularly important, because it fixes
      two very nasty bugs that exist in earlier versions. These bugs are to do
      with transmitting on the wrong frequency (even though the frequency on
      the display is correct), and sometimes not transmitting at all.

      Full credit goes to Andy Durbin (K3WYC) and John Brush (WA3CAS) for
      their detective work in tracking down and identifying these bugs back in
      the summer, despite the naysayers who said there was nothing wrong with
      the firmware.

      Less credit goes to Kenwood Japan. After being notified of the bugs,
      they acknowledged their existence in August, yet it has taken them more
      than *three* months to come up with a fix. Better late than never, I

      I have installed firmware v1.08, and can confirm that this version does
      indeed fix the bugs. I recommend everyone does the same.

      Ian, G3NRW

      The TS-590S Resources Page:

      The TS-990S Resources Page:
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