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11859Tracking QRG offset in split mode operation

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  • kc2wuf
    Oct 15, 2013
      Joe and team,

      I know I asked this before, but is it possible to track the QRG offset and change the JT65/JT9 split frequency accordingly. The split audio frequency really represents an actual RF or more specifically the QRG + the split AF and when you add the +2kHz offset it only makes sense to reduce the JT65/JT9 split AF by the same 2 kHz to maintain the same RF value.

      I hope you take this under serious consideration for all of us who don't have wide band receivers and must currently modify the split AF value manually each time we click on the +2kHz check box. I don't see this as complicating the interface for those who use a wide band receiver (as they probably never use the +2kHz check box) and will simplify operating for those who have a narrow band receiver (as we won't need to remember to change a value in the Wide Graph window every time).

      73 David KC2WUF
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