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11820RE: [wsjtgroup] Wide Graph Display - enhancement

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    Oct 8, 2013
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      Thanks Joe and Rudy. That did it. I was way away from those settings. I
      was working OK, but had the zero about +66, the Gain at 2, and the slope was
      fairly high as well. It gave me a nice flat response - but also limited
      what I could see of the graph. Now I have what I need.
      You got me back on track.
      -Bill, W2KKJ

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      From: Joe Subich, W4TV [mailto:lists@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 11:40 AM
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      Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup] Wide Graph Display - enhancement

      gain = 0, slope = 0.3, N Avg 5, Bins/Pixel = 7

      In cumulative, by "baseline" is about two major divisions up (20 db?) and in
      current, it is one major division above the bottom.


      ... Joe, W4TV

      On 10/8/2013 11:16 AM, listbox2 wrote:
      > Joe,
      > Well, I just cannot find any adjustment that gives me the kind of
      > display behavior that you describe using the cumulative option. On my
      > installation, any part of the graph that shows above the "zero" also
      > shows on the waterfall. If my entire graph is visible, then the
      > waterfall has a strong background of light that tends to obscure weak
      > signals. If I run my graph so the baseline is just out of sight and
      > only the signals peek into view, then the waterfall is mostly dark with
      just the signals visible.
      > What settings are you using for Gain, Zero, Slope etc.? Maybe I
      > have not found the sweet spot. The way my wsjtx is working, I still
      > feel that I'd like a way to have the "zero" line for the graph be
      > about 1/3 of the way up the graph scale.
      > 73,
      > -Bill, W2KKJ
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      > From: Joe Subich, W4TV [mailto:lists@...]
      > Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2013 6:18 PM
      > To: listbox2
      > Cc: WSJT Group
      > Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup] Wide Graph Display - enhancement
      >> When I use cumulative and run the "zero" up so that I see the entire
      >> graph, the waterfall "whites out." So zero adjustment does not work
      >> for me there.
      > It doesn't work that way for me ... don't know why your situation
      > would be different.
      > I set-up WSJT and the sound card as follows using Windows 7/Windows 8:
      > I set "level" in the Windows driver (Level tab for the input device in
      > Windows Control Panel) to 80. I preset the "Line Out" in my K3 to 10
      > and set the input control on my interface to 0 (fully CCW). I then
      > adjust audio input control of WSJT for 0 dB.
      > With those settings, and *no antenna* (or dummy load), I adjust the
      > input pot of my interface until the WSJT level display (lower left)
      > shows between
      > 15 and 20 dB - on just the "noise floor" of the rig.
      > When I connect an antenna, the WSJT level indicator will generally
      > show about 30 dB on 20 meters between x:49 and x:59 (absent any CW
      > ID). The strongest audio will generally run up to 50 - 55 dB and peak
      > signals will be roughly 10 dB *below* clipping level of my sound card.
      > With that configuration I show a nice variation from back with no
      > signal through orange to white on the strongest signals with Zero at 0
      > for "Current" or zero at +5 for "Cumulative". Note: I use the LINRAD
      > palette since that is most "familiar" to me from other software. I
      > also turn off AGC in my receiver.
      > 73,
      > ... Joe, W4TV
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