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11812RE: [wsjtgroup] Wide Graph Display - enhancement

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    Oct 8, 2013
      Well, I just cannot find any adjustment that gives me the kind of display
      behavior that you describe using the cumulative option. On my installation,
      any part of the graph that shows above the "zero" also shows on the
      waterfall. If my entire graph is visible, then the waterfall has a strong
      background of light that tends to obscure weak signals. If I run my graph
      so the baseline is just out of sight and only the signals peek into view,
      then the waterfall is mostly dark with just the signals visible.

      What settings are you using for Gain, Zero, Slope etc.? Maybe I have not
      found the sweet spot. The way my wsjtx is working, I still feel that I'd
      like a way to have the "zero" line for the graph be about 1/3 of the way up
      the graph scale.

      -Bill, W2KKJ

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      > When I use cumulative and run the "zero" up so that I see the entire
      > graph, the waterfall "whites out." So zero adjustment does not work
      > for me there.

      It doesn't work that way for me ... don't know why your situation would be

      I set-up WSJT and the sound card as follows using Windows 7/Windows 8:

      I set "level" in the Windows driver (Level tab for the input device in
      Windows Control Panel) to 80. I preset the "Line Out" in my K3 to 10 and
      set the input control on my interface to 0 (fully CCW). I then adjust audio
      input control of WSJT for 0 dB.

      With those settings, and *no antenna* (or dummy load), I adjust the input
      pot of my interface until the WSJT level display (lower left) shows between
      15 and 20 dB - on just the "noise floor" of the rig.
      When I connect an antenna, the WSJT level indicator will generally show
      about 30 dB on 20 meters between x:49 and x:59 (absent any CW ID). The
      strongest audio will generally run up to 50 - 55 dB and peak signals will be
      roughly 10 dB *below* clipping level of my sound card.

      With that configuration I show a nice variation from back with no signal
      through orange to white on the strongest signals with Zero at 0 for
      "Current" or zero at +5 for "Cumulative". Note: I use the LINRAD palette
      since that is most "familiar" to me from other software. I also turn off
      AGC in my receiver.


      ... Joe, W4TV

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