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11804RE: [wsjtgroup] Wide Graph Display - enhancement

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    Oct 6, 2013
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      Thanks, Joe. I will experiment more with sound settings in combination with
      WSJTX settings. Since you are able to see the entire cumulative graph
      "above ground" then I should be able to as well. With my current settings,
      I can't let the signal get above about 30 db with waterfall whiteout
      beginning - and that is pretty much independent of the type of display I am
      using. I have been using Linrad and Default mostly.

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      > When I use cumulative and run the "zero" up so that I see the entire
      > graph, the waterfall "whites out." So zero adjustment does not work
      > for me there.

      It doesn't work that way for me ... don't know why your situation would be

      I set-up WSJT and the sound card as follows using Windows 7/Windows 8:

      I set "level" in the Windows driver (Level tab for the input device in
      Windows Control Panel) to 80. I preset the "Line Out" in my K3 to 10 and
      set the input control on my interface to 0 (fully CCW). I then adjust audio
      input control of WSJT for 0 dB.

      With those settings, and *no antenna* (or dummy load), I adjust the input
      pot of my interface until the WSJT level display (lower left) shows between
      15 and 20 dB - on just the "noise floor" of the rig.
      When I connect an antenna, the WSJT level indicator will generally show
      about 30 dB on 20 meters between x:49 and x:59 (absent any CW ID). The
      strongest audio will generally run up to 50 - 55 dB and peak signals will be
      roughly 10 dB *below* clipping level of my sound card.

      With that configuration I show a nice variation from back with no signal
      through orange to white on the strongest signals with Zero at 0 for
      "Current" or zero at +5 for "Cumulative". Note: I use the LINRAD palette
      since that is most "familiar" to me from other software. I also turn off
      AGC in my receiver.


      ... Joe, W4TV

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