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11762RE: MSRX--An Improved Receiver for FSK441

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  • rupertdetonquedec
    Oct 4, 2013

      Now that I've had a decent session with MSRX and understand whats happening, I must say, I am quite impressed. Thanks folks for bringing it to my attention.

      The software is designed to run by the side of WSJT9 to help decode FSK. It will also decode any PSK2k which may be around but I haven't tested that yet.

      I suppose you could say it "looks over the shoulder" of WSJT and confirms and sometimes gives a second opinion on weak decodes.

      It uses varying degrees of opaque-ness in the display to show the level of decoding confidence, with red for 100% certainty which is very helpful. I like the way it picks out the "good bits" from the decode attempt on a very weak reflection. It also produces a text file after each session which displays everything you need to know about the QSO.

      I recommend all meteor scatter enthusiasts should try this. Don't be put off by the slight quirkiness of it - for example, when you first run it, it takes a while to compile itself with Matlab (in my case, about ten minutes), but it only needs to do this once. Next time you run it, it comes up straight away.

      Also, the decode display uses Open GL - which can be fussy on older systems.

      Read the manual- at least twice, the operating instructions are in the last paragraph.

      I am currently trying to crack a couple of plus-2000km MS contacts on 70Mhz and I look forward to using this in anger next week when hopefully the Draconids will put in an appearance.



      ---In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, <tonquedec@...> wrote:

      Thankyou Les & Rob for clarifying things.

      I will have another play with it!



      ---In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, <les@...> wrote:

      That's a great question. MSRX does not decode "live" like WSJT, but can
      be configured to do immediately after each sequence. So it's kind of
      like the old Steely Dan song, "FM", which had the lyric, "Respect the
      seven second delay we use".

      You can configure MSRX to read the last .wav file received directly from
      the WSJT folder. The delay is just a few seconds.

      In practical terms, I keep both open during a meteor scatter session. I
      look for pings on WSJT and click on the spectrum for decodes per usual.
      A few seconds after each sequence, while my rig is transmitting, MSRX
      will pop up with any decodes that it got. Since there is no clicking or
      adjustment possible in MSRX, you basically get a go or no-go for launch.

      My experience is that usually MSRX decodes slight better than WSJT,
      especially on marginal pings. But there are exceptions. I've seen solid
      decodes on WSJT that didn't decode at all on MSRX. Why? You'd have to
      ask Joe or Claus...most of the math is over my head.

      Give it a try and report back your results here. Very interested in
      hearing what others think.


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