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11717MSRX: A Meteorscatter Receiver for FSK441 and PSK2k

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  • Les Rayburn
    Sep 26, 2013
      I'm interested to hear if other amateurs in the US have experimented
      with the MSRX sofware developed by Klaus von der Heide, DJ5HG. I first
      learned about the sofware in an article published in DUBUS magazine in
      the fourth quarter of 2012. That article outlined how the receive-only
      software could be ran side-by-side with WSJT to improve the ability to
      decode meteor scatter signals.

      The article detailed V2 of the software, but I noticed today that Klaus
      has now released V3.4, presumeably with some of the improvements that
      were hinited at in the earlier article. I've only had a little chance to
      experiment with it, but I do know that one key feature is that this
      sofware displays an indicator of confidence that WSJT lacks. In my
      experience it also seems to decode short, weak pings a bit better than

      The sofware can be downloaded at:

      No experience here yet with PSK2k, but I hope to try that on meteor
      scatter soon as well. I'd love to hear what others think about this
      software and comparisions of it's performance vs. WSJT.


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