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11586Re: WSJT-X wrong tone frequency transmitted

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  • georgesdaniel@bellsouth.net
    Sep 5, 2013
      Been using WSJT-X for about 3 months, and really enjoy using the
      program. Just this week I installed r3563 and learned about the
      SPLIT mode.

      While using Split mode, I have had the exact same experience (as
      others have reported)here with the wrong transmit frequency. I am
      using a TS-590 and am also running Ham Radio Deluxe in the
      background. I tried using COMMANDER for CAT control and had the
      same results, as with using WSJT-X for direct CAT control:

      When attempting to use SPLIT mode, the TS-590 is correctly in
      split configuration. When I move (double-click) the cursor along
      the Wide graph, I see the VFO B frequency change on the radio, as
      expected with a +/- 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 hz being set by
      WSJT-X. Looks good at this point. After I transmit, when I get a
      reply, the other station is off my displayed frequency by +/-
      500, 1000, etc.

      WSJT-X configuration: Lock Tx=Rx is selected, PTT is VOX, Kenwood
      TS-590 settings are correct for the CAT Comm port, SPLIT mode
      selected, Data is selected, Polling interval 1. Audio in/out is
      USB Audio. Can't find the onboard sound card settings to verify
      48000, but assume it is correct since I have been using the
      program satisfactorily in simplex mode for a few months. But,
      perhaps that is an issue (?)
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