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11511Re: [wsjtgroup] My PSK Reporter Observation Was Incorrect - r3563 Close Program Error

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  • Rudy Benner
    Aug 28, 2013
      I find that (usually) this error occurs if I run the program for long periods of time, whether I transmit or not.
      From: n1isa
      Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2:40 PM
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] My PSK Reporter Observation Was Incorrect - r3563 Close Program Error

      A few day's ago I posted my thoughts about the close program error. I thought it might be related to the new code developed by Joe to report RX/TX from WSJT-X.

      I did a clean install of my system (Windows 8.1 Preview), and re-installed WSJT-X. I was attempting to observe some variables related to the traceback/fortran error. I would open, and close the WSJT-X program while doing setup/config.

      I knew about Joe's new PSK Reporter code, so I did not enable it.

      I thought I had something of value to share with the group, but I was dead wrong in my observation. The PSK Reporter code doesn't seem to have any bearing on the error.

      But... I have some new observations.

      To me, it seems you have to TX to cause the error to occur at exit of WSJT-X.

      I can decode all day long using JT9 or JT65, click stop, click erase, and exit without seeing the close program error.

      If I transmit... decode the QSO, and exit the program, then I see the dialogue box about the traceback/fortran error.

      Does anyone else have the same observation? That if you run WSJT-X in receive only, no error... but, if you receive, AND transmit... you get the error upon exit.

      Maybe these observations, and input will help K1JT debug this error upon his return.

      73, John, N1ISA