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11507Re: One Last Attempt to Solve this Problem

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  • erikicket
    Aug 27, 2013
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      There is one more thing one can do if a decode is (or is not) made.
      That is go back in the waterfall to the minute of its occurence and double click on the sync freq of a JT65 signal or the full JT9 signal.
      That will re-exercise the decoder and may give a clue.

      73's de on4pb, erik.

      --- In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, Ed <k7aat.ed@...> wrote:
      > Interesting. I have been experiencing this same issue every since the
      > last update or so. Since I operate so seldom, it did not stick in my mind
      > that it was an actual bug, but after reading the comment below, that fits
      > my experience to a T.
      > Next time I operate I will try to follow Erik's suggestions to record the
      > event.
      > Ed K7AAT
      > >
      > > When I call CQ or answer a CQ in J&9 or JT65, the very next
      > > transmission from the other station frequently will not decode. It can
      > > be a perfectly clean signal, with no QRM or QSB nearby, it just simply
      > > doesn't decode.
      > > If there are other signals on the band at the same time, they all
      > > decode as they should - it's only the signal sent to me that fails to
      > > decode.
      > >
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