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11459Re: [wsjtgroup] Another Question about Audio Input

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  • Rudy Benner
    Aug 23, 2013
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      Option 3.
      Download WSPR from Joe Taylor’s website, same source as WSJT-X and all the rest.
      This file .... WSPR 2.0
      Set your signalink to work right with WSPR. Sliders all the way up on your sound mixer controls in the computer.
      Once you have this working, do not adjust things very far, for latest WSJT-X, you may need to increase the pot that goes to the Tx.
      The beta version is close to having it just right. Previous versions were correct.
      Neat little program, gives your radio and computer a “job’ while you are sleeping or away on a spaceship.
      From: Doc
      Sent: Friday, August 23, 2013 7:29 PM
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Another Question about Audio Input

      Still trying to get a handle on why I drop the first decode of a CQ reply.

      I am using an IC-746 non-Pro, with constant-level audio from the ACC-1 port on the rear of the radio, into a SignaLink USB interface. The software is WSJT-X 3563

      I can't adjust the audio from the radio, but I CAN adjust the audio from the SignaLink to the computer.

      My question is, which of the two following scenarios would be better?

      1. Higher level of audio from SignaLink, with the input slider on WSJT-X turned down


      2. Lower level from the SignaLink, with the input slider turned up.

      This is assuming that I'm maintaining the audio level indicator in WSJT-X at the midpoint in either scenario.

      Also, is the midpoint on the indicator still what I should be trying to achieve?

      Many thanks!

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