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11440Re: [wsjtgroup] Bug or not?

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  • Tony VK2AJF
    Aug 21, 2013
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      Hi Ed,

      Yes of course you are right. Increasing the Signalink's TX Delay setting will keep the transmitter keyed up during these interruptions to the program's output. However the data being transmitted is indeed still interrupted. You can hear this if you use your rig's monitor setting to listen to the stream of transmitted JT65 sounds while you minimise or maximise a window. 

      So the problem is still there. It may be that a faster processor is needed than the one in the netbook I use for my portable station.


      Tony VK2AJF

      On Thursday, August 22, 2013, Ed wrote:



      Turning up the DLY on the SignaLink USB will not delay the START of a transmission unless you crank it up beyond several seconds….and I don’t think it will go that long even at max setting.   What turning it up a little,  as you have done,  is just delay the transmitter from dropping out of transmit when the audio coming from WSJT-X momentarily disappears and then reappears,  as is notable on this issue.  Still,   one wonders what effect that momentarily disappearing audio will have on a distant station’s decode reliability.


      Ed   K7AAT



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      I have the same problem with the latest beta. However this is not an ideal solution, since, of course, adding some TX delay to the Signalink delays the start of the WSJT-X transmission.  I had to add about one second delay to stop the "chattering".




      Tony VK2AJF

      On Wednesday, August 21, 2013, Ed wrote:


      Actually,  the solution to my problem posted last night is easy for me,  as another ham advised me this morning.  I always run the TX Delay control on my SignaLink USB at minimum ( No TX delay )  because I also use it for RMS Express and Winmor WinLink communications which requires no delay.   All I need do is turn up the delay a bit and my interrupted TX should go away.


      Thanks to all.


      Ed   K7AAT


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