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11125RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: Unable to decode the JT9 band

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  • hb9ari@bluewin.ch
    Aug 4, 2013
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      Hi David,

      The blue line is set to 2500 Hz instead of 2270 Hz.
      During my last tests this afternoon, my VFO was
      21.076 Mhz (Anan100/D) and all JT65 till 2500Hz
      and JT9 from 2500 till ~4000Hz were perfectly visible.
      No problem for
      JT65 decoding, but only manual decoding
      (double clic on the trace) was possible for signal lower then
      -15 to -20 dB.

      The spectrum was perfectly flat till ~ 4000Hz.
      Traces on the waterfall were perfectly visible.
      It's like i'get a loss
      of sensitivity for decoding with
      the high frequencies. Speed of VAC is 48000 samples/s as
      written in manual.

      you for your answer.

      My best 73,
      Rudi, HB9ARI

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      Objet: [wsjtgroup] Re: Unable to decode the JT9 band

      Let's try posting this again
      with the proper To addressee.

      For multi-mode decode you need to see a blue line on your Wide Graph waterfall.
      Everything signal to the left will be decoded for JT65 and every signal to the right will be decoded for JT9. If you
      can't see the blue line on the top scale of your waterfall display then change the number in the far-right text box
      "JT65 #### JT9" to the scale value you'd like the blue line to reside at.

      For example, if you are using a QRG of 14076
      then 2270 would be the top of the old JT65-HF band, while 3000 is the start of the original JT9 band. If you are using
      a QRG of 14078 then 1000 would be the base of the original JT9 decoding window.

      Hope this helps.

      73 David KC2WUF
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