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11102RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: v. 1.1.1, r3520 TX problem? --- mysteriously resolved...

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  • Ed
    Aug 3, 2013



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      It is possible the misuse of the Split feature was the cause of my problem but I don’t believe I had the program set for that.   I won't discard this idea,  but in reality I rarely use the split mode feature as I tend to just select JT65  or  JT9 modes individually and operate that way.   In fact I have tried working a JT9 station that was 3200Hz above 14.076  and saw my IC746Pro effectively transmitting power out with that high a transmit input audio frequency,  although I’m sure I was about at the upper limit. 



      Thanks for the input.  I will keep this issue in mind should the problem arise again.





      Those symptoms are probably due to using a receive bandwidth greater than your radios tx bandwidth and using a DF above ~2800Hz. The split option deals with this by shifting the tx dial frequency and output tone frequency to transpose the output tones inside of the bandwidth of your radios tx filter. If you forget to check the split option; WSJT-X will tx a tone at your current DF which will be severely attenuated by the transmitter filter.


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