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11064Re: [wsjtgroup] Icom 7000 on FSK441

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  • James Malone
    Jul 30, 2013
      On vacation I take my IC 7000 to Poland ... 144 and 50 MHz FSK is a lot of fun there.

      I have never ran more than 50W out.  It gets too hot.make sure the ALC is not visible on the LED bar graph  adjust the audio  to keep in an optimum setting.
      I think the compression is turned on Ron.. my guess


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      On Jul 30, 2013, at 02:48 PM, Ron Crouse <n7ea@...> wrote:


      I am having difficulty getting my IC7000 to accept FSK441. At best I can
      get about 30- 40W output with the mic gain wide open, even after
      changing the mic output jumper in the Signalink USB (and running full
      output on the Signalink TX control). It seems like the audio out level
      "saturate"s for lack of a better discription, at about 50% though the
      signal is clean not showing heavy clipping. The JT65A, JT65HF and JT9
      work normally and can be run up and down.

      Is anyone in the group using an IC-7000? If you have it functional I
      would appreciate knowing how you are configured. I would also be
      interested if you have run into the same situation I have


      Ron N7EA

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