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11048Re: [wsjtgroup] QSO Start Time same as Stop Time

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  • KD7YZ Bob
    Jul 28, 2013
      On Sunday Westbrook sent, on a straight key:

      DW> You can always fix it in your logger -- for example with DXKeeper,
      DW> use either the filter and 'Adv' dialog to mass-modify,
      While that's helpful, personally when It's E-Skip opening, for example,
      or one after another on M/S , I barely have time to verify what I am
      agreeing to when Sheila puts up a confirm logging box.

      Yes I am slow, as well as forgetful.

      It would be helpful if when DxK "Capture" get's the call-sign, that the
      start times is noted ... and so forth .. but I suspect we are getting a
      bit too nit-picky

      Bob KD7YZ
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