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11033RE: [wsjtgroup] Windows 8 problem with WSJT-X v1.1 r3496

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  • Ed
    Jul 27, 2013
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      Fraser,  I don’t think it’s a Windows 8 thing.  I have had the same issue on occasion with my Windows 7 (32bit). 


      Ed   K7AAT




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      Running this on a windows 8 machine, and as soon as the decode begins, the decode button gets highlighted and STAYS highlighted, it never finishes.

      It's like the decode session gets stuck. From then on there are no decodes.

      I can run the same software with the exact same setup in a virtual Windows XP session, and the whole cycle runs fine.

      I've tried all the compatibility settings, "run as administrator" etc and no go.

      Anyone have a clue?

      Fraser, W3UTD

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