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11014Re: JT9 reply at exactly +1kHz (wsjt-x r3496)

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  • k3wyc
    Jul 26, 2013
      > Are you working in split mode?. VFO A for receiver and VFO B for


      > both VFO on the same frequency when you start the transceiver.

      Probably not. The TS-590S powers up with the same VFO setting it had when powered down. VFO A will only be equal to VFO B when the wsjt-x TX cursor is between DF=1000 and DF=2000.

      No matter how the transceiver VFOs are set when first powered, it only takes a wsjt-x band change to get both VFO synchronized with wsjt-x. After that VFO A is set for every band and then checked at the polling rate. VFO B is set for every band change and is re-set anytime the TX cursor moves into another 1000 Hz segment.

      Since VFO B is only set, but not monitored, by wsjt-x it would be possible to have the VFO B freq wrong if it was changed since the last time it was set by WSJT-X. However, as I indicated, my VFO B was correct.

      It is possible that the other op, if using wsjt-x in dual mode, had somehow miss-set his VFO B.

      When I first posted I thought this was just a curiosity. Since then, two other ops have reported seeing the same thing. I didn't check if we were all working the same station.


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