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10977Suggestion - CAT fail recovery by "retry"

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  • k3wyc
    Jul 22, 2013
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      In R3496, if wsjt-x does not get a response to VFO A polling, it issues the message "Rig control error 0 Failed to read frequency". The user is provided one option - "OK". When ok is selected the cat serial port is shutdown and CAT is disabled.

      Suggest adding to the error window the option "RETRY". Selection of retry would poll VFO A again and, if the user has fixed the problem and VFO A is returned ok, then message is cleared and CAT continues. (similarly retry for any other CAT response failure)

      Also the CAT status "light" should go red when the CAT error is detected and not wait until "OK" is selected. Showing green status after CAT has failed is potentially misleading. If retry works then the light would return to green.

      Just suggestions that I hope will be useful to the development team. I have no insight as to the CAT improvements that may already be in development.

      Andy k3wyc