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10961Re: [wsjtgroup] No JT9 signals?

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  • Bill Turner
    Jul 21, 2013
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      On Sun, 21 Jul 2013 11:26:34 -0400, K3UK wrote:

      >What frequency shows at the bottom of the waterfall as the point where JT9
      >decodes begin ? What bandwidth filter setting do you have for receive on
      >your rig ? I have a 4.4 Khz receive filter .
      >Andy K3UK


      Do you mean the JT65 2500 JT9 box? Bandwidth is 3.6k on the IC-7600.

      I'm seeing the normal white noise on the waterfall, just no signals. The
      white noise tapers down at 3.6k, just as one would expect.

      73, Bill W6WRT
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