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10591Re: I have it working

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  • John
    Jul 4, 2013
      I`ve also found it far too "Hot" on receive, even with everything turned right down.
      Also, it would be good to have a "Grey" option for the wide graph - I need sunglasses for all these wierd colours!

      Other than that - great stuff Joe.


      --- In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, bill <bill@...> wrote:
      > I always install into new subdirectories. Consequently the new version
      > went into D:/JT/JTv3
      > My problem is it's TOO HOT!
      > I had to put the db slider all the way to the bottom.
      > I lowered my Flex VAC RX gain to -25 and strong signals are still
      > 'blooming' a third of the Wide Graph.
      > I have View set to the same as previous JT9, CuteSDR.
      > I tried the other options but no joy.
      > I had made screen shots of all my settings prior to the upgrade and with
      > the exception of the dB slider being at rock bottom, they are the same.
      > Any suggestions other than disconnecting my antenna? LOL
      > This a Flex5K, the configuration choice of a #2301 Flex-Radio SDR-1000
      > has never worked in ANY version.
      > When I was told to use #214 Kenwood TS-2000, we had success, in both Cat
      > Control and PTT.
      > With those choices, I have Rig Control, and can QSY using the WSJT-x
      > band selection.
      > I'm obviously missing some small detail.
      > Neither JT65HF nor WSJT-x version 1 exhibit the super loud/red.
      > My antenna isn't that good! LOL
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