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10551JT65b Tx Seq ceases 2 sec early

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  • KD7YZ Bob
    Jun 30, 2013
      Hey WSJT Group:


      This has happened to me in this and last version.

      After some indeterminate number of Tx/Rx cycles, I notice that when I
      start the Tx sequence, that my transmission ceases roughly one and a
      half to two seconds before the 50 second mark.

      What I HEAR , which is totally abnormal from what I usually hear in a Tx
      sequence, is that the musical-notes, the full "Song", if you will, is
      abruptly cut-off, mid-note usually, at or near 48.5 seconds.

      I just restarted WSJT and this did not cure it. Yet an hour ago, when I
      worked G4RGK, the sequences were normal.

      Throughout a very long EME session yesterday, I didn't have this problem.

      I have restarted Meinberg-NTP a few times today, and other times when the
      problem exists. Doesn't help.

      Anyone else ever see the issue?

      Bob KD7YZ