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10529Re: [wsjtgroup] U2 kit Ultimate2 QRSS/WSPR

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  • Graham
    Jun 24, 2013

      Hans is a pretty busy guy and is or has been out of town on work.  He posted the following the the QRPLabs yahoo group today so he is trying to keep up with demand:


      Good evening all

      A quick note about the shipping. Orders are normally shipped the next business day after they are received. The exceptions are:

      1) When a huge volume of orders are received suddenly, it can take a while to clear. An example is the sudden influx of orders from people who wanted v2.02a or v2.02k chips. In that case the orders are worked through but it took a week until every order was sent.

      2) When the kit is out of stock, such as the Ultimate2 - in which case you'll have been advised on the ordering page of that. The U2 kits are now pending only on the PCB, which the manufacturer claimed would take a week to make but in fact took very much longer. The latest date they gave me is tomorrow (Tuesday 25'th), then they have to be shipped to me; hopefully we are getting close now.

      So please be patient in case 1) because as you know, this is a low cost operation, there are not a whole army of people waiting on orders and ready to go immediately an order comes in :-)

      73 Hans G0UPL


      The QRPLabs Yahoo group is for support of the kits that Hans produces


      You will likely find the answers to questions on that group or someone on that group can answer your query.

      cheers, Graham ve3gtc

      On 13-06-24 09:06 AM, rpj wrote:
      Hi WSPPers,
      Can anybody shed any light on the above kit, I have emailed the owner on 9th June about purchasing a kit. To date have had no reply.
      Any help would be appreciated.
      73 de Roland. G0GZI.

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