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10526Re: European frequencies for WSJT modes

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  • booz2m
    Jun 23, 2013
      Hi Philip

      I agree that global bandplands would be great. I don't know if work is ongoing on this matter.
      However, everybody wants development, but, nobody wants change :-)

      In some countries there are regulator defined bandplan(s), thus law or law like. In other countries, and I guess most, this is not the case, i.e. often IARU bandsplands are recommended but by nature they cannot be anything else than a recommendation. If people chose not to follow them then there is nothing to do about it.

      Specifications are easy - implementation is difficult, i.e. old habits die hard.
      Also the 50 MHz beacons have to move.
      When the world wide locator system was proposed many European stations were against it and threatened to leave the hobby. When it was decided to use the world wide locators they stayed on board but kept using the obsolete system for more than a decade. Another thing is that people stay where others are - few pave the way by being first movers.
      Radio amateurs not frequency-claustrophobic, e.g. on 6 m a lot of people squeeze themselves in a very small segment around 50,110 MHz. The same applies on 2 m to 144,300 MHz where I remember having seen articles about this and spots, for three decades, like "spread out everybody" during an Es opening.
      Similarly, even a very rare DX station or DX-pedition chose a frequency in a crowded segment instead of a "remote" frequency. I am 100% sure that after a few QSOs/spots moving to a "remote" frequency will be very advantageous for everybody.

      Over time I am sure that the IARU Region 1 50 MHz bandplan will be implemented. But we can all start by doing out part today.

      There is plenty of room to establish a WSPR-users area somewhere in the 50,3 MHz to 50,4 MHz segment. Personally, I am against stipulating a particular MGM into the bandplan(s) as it is an area of rapid change these days. I find it much better to let evolution handle these matters.

      Bo, OZ2M
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