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10525Re: European frequencies for WSJT modes

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  • Philip
    Jun 22, 2013
      Thanks Bo for your reply,

      It seems you may have some insight to the logic of it all.

      Having returned to VHF TX operation again, after a four year gap, what is of interest to me is this new Region 1 band plan that came into affect on 1st January 2012.

      I saw a station on the DXcluster the other day complaining about every single European data station he saw operating below 50.300 MHz and that is what made me look up what had changed.

      Obviously all the 50 MHz European data activity has remained exactly where it has always been and hasn't migrated to this new band plan.

      (The same thing happened when the 40m band plan changed and PSK31 stayed where it had always been around 7.034 MHz and not the new 7.040 MHz.)

      In my opinion part of the problem is we all want to work each other across Europe and in particular DX that may be outside our own Region i.e. Transatlantic openings to the US or further on 50 MHz from Europe, via Sporadic-E or F2 at solar maximum.

      If the US are operating on 50.293 MHz JT9-1 (for example) then that is where you would expect European stations to go to try to work them. They are not going to work each other if they are on entirely different frequencies. Same with WSPR allocations, they are not going to hear each other.

      I don't know what the solution is other than to have truly World-wide co-ordinated Regional allocations for mode types such as SSB, data, etc. on 50 MHz, but even on HF the allocations often don't overlap well and clash.

      We have co-ordinated Worldwide SSB voice DX segments on 50 MHz, but not now with data modes?

      I'm just trying to understand what is going on, maybe that is why this new band plan for Region 1 is being largely ignored?

      But, if that is the case why were these new frequencies for Region 1 data suggested, if they move them away from where the US and other DX is found? I think I read somewhere it was to free up more SSB voice space, which makes sense but only if everyone then moves data to the same segments.

      73 de Philip G0ISW
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