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10512Re: European frequencies for WSJT modes

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  • Jim and Hannelore Fisher
    Jun 17 8:35 AM
      I think 50293 rather than 50294 is the proper window frequency to list for WSPR. JT9-1 and WSPR are both being transmitted within this window. I have been suggesting that JT9-1 be transmitted below 1400Hz on the graph, to minimize confusion.
      BTW, I have been party to a large number of transatlantic 6M JT9-1 decodes (both directions) in the past 48 hours. Seems to be working fine. Sometimes several of us in NA are transmitting even and several EUs are transmitting odd, spacing ourselves at a minimum of 25Hz, to maximize the possibility of uncovering various paths and to minimize local interference. My back is to almost all NA stations, but for Europeans it's particularly handy to have all the locals on odd sequence to minimize overload while looking transatlantic. (This only works for those attempting transatlantic contacts.)
      Jim, VE1JF
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