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10505JT9-1 no decode on very strong signal why?

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  • Philip
    Jun 14, 2013
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      Hello all,

      I'm having great fun with JT9-1 on 50MHz, thanks again Joe.

      Today I had an unusual finding I was called by my friend Michel F1ABL who had a really strong signal +11dB and more, I could hear him clearly and see his trace perfectly, but I simply couldn't decode him although I was decoding weaker signals from other stations.

      We are both using Dimension 4 for our clocks and latest version of WSJT-X.

      By chance I reduced my 'digital gain for audio input' slider from its normal no signal 30dB level to almost nothing and then the decodes began to work.

      Does this mean that I have to do this every time there is a really strong signal? Is this normal and happens to others because the software is expecting a weak signal?

      Just trying to understand better.

      73 de Philip G0ISW
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