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10497Re: how much power is appropriate on 6 meters JT9?

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  • Thomas F Giella W4HM
    Jun 13, 2013
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      No matter the 6 meter radio wave propagation mode or conditions 5 watts is
      all that you need with JT9 to make a successful QSO. I make many 6 meter
      QSO's using JT-9 with as little as 1 watt.

      1500 watts, even 100 watts would more than likely wipe out the waterfall
      for most ham's on the receiving end.

      Just my .05 cents due to inflation.

      73 & GUD DX,
      Thomas F. Giella W4HM
      Lakeland, FL, USA

      BARTG #8531
      PODXS 070 #349
      FELD HELD #141
      30MDG # 691
      DMC #1243
      WARC-CC #20

      W4HM Amateur Radio & SWL Autobiography: http://www.w4hm.org
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