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  • Randy Tipton
    May 1, 2004

      Interesting observations on meteor scatter distances…


      Snip: It's interesting to observe that there seems to be a Meteor Scatter "Brick
      Wall" at a bit over 2400km. 


      My personal best distance using meteor scatter is 2230km. The other day I copied a strong ping from

      K2TXB a distance of 2339km. The “Brick Wall” as you call it is probably somewhere around the 2400km

      distance and very real. Here I often see the 1931km or 1200 mile distance spoken of as a “barrier”.

      Meaning it is more difficult to work distances over 1200 miles requiring more time, schedules and a

      major meteor shower doesn’t hurt either. The barrier like the brick wall is not fixed and will move

      slightly a few miles which makes it all interesting.  Distances less than 1100 miles I tend to think

      of as “automatic” during morning hours except for close stations where back scatter is necessary.


      I find more rocks available for 50MHz but it appears the “barrier” and “brick wall” distances are the same

      for both bands?








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      Rex VK7MO was about 2360 km from my QTH this morning and despite FSK441b
      attempts from about 5.50am (after an early morning wake up call from Rex),
      nothing was copied at either end.

      Rex was at Norseman (PF07vt) - a distance of 2209km from VK3HZ at Melbourne.
      Rex did complete with Ron VK3AFW and David VK3HZ.  Several good, big burns
      were heard.

      It's interesting to observe that there seems to be a Meteor Scatter "Brick
      Wall" at a bit over 2400km.  Rex succeeded over 2336km, one ping at 2423km
      and nothing at 2452km.  I guess 1200km must be the furthest that a meteor
      burn can be "seen".

      JT44 tropo tests last week from here to Garry VK5ZK at Goolwa, south of
      Adelaide @ 754 km were very promising. Each time we have run a test I have
      been dropping the power. I think Garry has been maintaining his 100w.
      Last test on Wednesday evening (?) we easily completed and I was running 20
      watts for the whole contact. I'll try for 10w next time.


      Leigh VK2KRR

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