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10263RE: [wsjtgroup] JT9 on 6 meters [1 Attachment]

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  • Rick Langford
    May 16, 2013
      Ve1sky and I have worked on 6m

      It was an easy decode by both sides

      Although this mode isn't really optimized for 6m


      From: Lloyd Korb
      Sent: 5/16/2013 9:18 AM
      To: wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] JT9 on 6 meters [1 Attachment]


      I am wondering if anyone has tried JT9 on 6 mtrs.  I tried a test with K0KUK on JT9-1.  I was able to hear his signal, in the speaker, and see a good trace but never got a decode.  Any ideas!!
      Lloyd  K8DIO

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