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10082K5N-EL58 Grid Activation

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  • Danny Cristina
    May 3, 2013
      K5N Update...

      Scouting trip was a success.!!

      Operating site has been located and determined to be high and dry...so we're
      a GO..

      Here is the original announcement as a reminder...hope to work everyone that
      needs the grid...

      ***********ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT************

      The K5N Grid Activation Group would like to announce its May grid activation
      to EL58, Southwest Pass, Louisiana.

      We will be arriving May 17th and setting up, for a noon start, working Es
      and MS as band permits through May 20th.
      Our group this outing will consist of; Bill-K5YG, Bob-WN2E, Danny-N5OMG, and
      Please note that we may have no internet, so please pass along spots to
      others as you can!

      Unfortunately, Marshall-K5QE and Bill-N5YA are sitting this one out due to
      prior commitments.

      Our frequencies will be:

      Es SSB and/or CW: 50.150mc
      Meteor Scatter: 50.265mc K5N always first sequence.

      As with all the great work he does for our group, JD-N0IRS will have the web
      page updated with scouting and operation videos/pics.
      Our QSL's will be via Joey-W5TFW, and of course SASE ARE required...
      Any questions or requests, please contact us at: k5n@...

      Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to working all those who need

      Best 73 from the K5N Group,
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