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10051Minor CAT bug in v0.95, r3243

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  • kc2wuf
    May 2, 2013
      I just turned all my equipment on and started WSJT-X first with CAT disabled, but my rig (FT-950) changed frequency to the last frequency "used" by WSJT-X. I normally start HRD up first to control the rig and then this doesn't happen, but today I started WSJT-X up first.

      The other funny thing is WSJT-X doesn't take over CAT control and I can't use the drop-down to change the rig frequency when I start it this way.

      After starting HRD and restarting WSJT-X there is no band change, so this only happens if the rig is not being controlled by other software.

      BTW, Computer is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and I do have the proper CAT settings in the setup even though it is disabled.

      73 David KC2WUF
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