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10022Double-Clicking Decoded Messages

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  • Ed Wilson
    May 1, 2013

      I like to operate JT65 and JT9 by double-clicking the decoded messages and having the program move me to the appropriate standard message. There are, of course, some instances where the interchange gets "out of sync" or the other station sends a free text message and this technique cannot be used. So far, I have not been using this approach for my JT9 contacts, but last night, I gave it a try.

      With JT9, it seems like double-clicking the decodes gives the correct standard message with one possible exception. If the decode is of the form <mycall> <hiscall> <73>, double-clicking takes you to standard message 6 (CQ) instead of standard message 5 (73). Perhaps this was by design, but I am of the opinion that both sides of a QSO should send a 73 as a common courtesy.

      Food for thought...

      Ed, K0KC
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