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Re: Help with Linux please

HI Mark, My Bad, WSJT, not WSJT-X is available in the Ubuntu SW Centre for 12.04. WSJT-X is via PPA. It is in the repo's for 14.04 though. Install info can be
Aug 24, 2014

Re: Help with Linux please

Thanks, Greg. According to "details" area, I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I can't find any "point release .4 or .5." When I search for updates, it proposes
Mark Perrin
Aug 24, 2014

Re: Help with Linux please

Hi Mark, Welcome to Linux :-) As requested, I'll send you an off list response, but for the benefit of others, I'll post a couple comments on-list as well.
Aug 24, 2014

Re: Help with Linux please

... My shack logging computer is a 5-year old Thinkpad T61 running XP Pro. On the advice of N6NUL, a smart guy who writes code for Oracle, I chose to load
Jim Brown
Aug 24, 2014

Re: Help with Linux please

PLEASE DON'T reply off reflector! I, and probably many others, have not taken the Linux plunge, and need some encouragement from experienced Linux users. So,
David Tanks
Aug 24, 2014

Help with Linux please

I was intrigued by article in latest QST, page 33 think is, about converting older computers to Linux. I installed Ubuntu 12.x on my old box and blew out XP.
Mark Perrin
Aug 24, 2014

Help with WSJT-X/Rig Control Interface

I have written a Python script for very basic rig control of my IC-703. It controls band/frequency and displays S level, Pwr, SWR and ALC. Pwr, SWR and ALC
Aug 22, 2014

Re: Install trouble on OS-X Maverics

I am replying on my Mac Air running OS X 10.9.4. My suggestion for ham programs... Load it on a Windoze machine! ....Dave ... I am replying on my Mac Air
Dave Edwards
Aug 22, 2014

Install trouble on OS-X Maverics

I’m having a bit of trouble installing the JT program on my new iMac running OS-X Mavericks. In the step in the readme file instructions, “You must install
Joe Crable
Aug 22, 2014

Re: WOW! this software is amazing!

I've been operating with JT9 and JT65A on 160 meters year round for a couple of years or so. They are great modes to work stateside and DX on on 160 meters
Thomas W4HM
Aug 21, 2014

WOW! this software is amazing!

congrats to K1JT et al... 160m...noisy as the devil, that nite...s meter never drops below S-9.. what the heck, i unload a few cq's @ 500w jt65...hoping to
Aug 20, 2014

Ol' Sol slowing down? AmateurRadio.com - RSS Feed

chas cartmel (chas@...) has invited you to add the "AmateurRadio.com" RSS Feed to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You can subscribe to this RSS Feed
chas cartmel
Aug 20, 2014

Re: question

Bill,You don't need to be particularly old to make that mistake. The good news is that no one except you will know. The most likely outcome is that the
Aug 19, 2014

Re: question

using WSJT-X v1.3, r3673 if you look just below the black rectangle with the Date and time in it, you will see 3 lines side by side the 1st one is either
Sam Morgan
Aug 17, 2014

KV Decoder error message

I tried to install WSJT-X V1.3, r 3673. I run a single instance of the program but get some decodes that are fine and a lot of interspersed error messages:
Aug 17, 2014
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