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Re: Is WSDL document mandatory when connect to web service with JAX-

Yes, this is possible for top-down approach.For instance, using Apache CXF or Axis2, you can generate static client from a given WSDL file or URL.Then you can
Jul 12, 2012

Re: Create WSDL from Java Program

I'm sure, after 6 years, you have figured this out already. [:)] Anyway, here is some useful link for creating bottom-up web service using Maven and Apache
Jul 12, 2012

WSDL2.0 for REST

Hi, Good day. I'm new here. Do you know some working sample for defining REST web service using WSDL2.0?I've tried both bottom-up and top-down approaches for
Jul 12, 2012

Experienced Web Services development Employee Opportunity in North J

A dynamic young firm that has developed a state-of-art solution in enterprise communication applications is expanding its organization. With a growing business
Apr 16, 2009

Is WSDL document mandatory when connect to web service with JAX-WS?

Dear group, I encountered such situation: I have created application on basis of JAX-WS that is a web service, but acts also as client to other web services.
Daniel Gorodowienko
Oct 29, 2008

Re: What is wrong with this simple wsdl??

Jason - Thank you so much! ... operation. ... Why? ... define ... RPC/literal, or
Sep 26, 2008

Re: What is wrong with this simple wsdl??

... The short answer is "because you told it not to." :)
Jason Viers
Sep 26, 2008

What is wrong with this simple wsdl??

I have a very simple wsdl (below) that I expect to load using SoapUI and get a proper request. But the request generated by SoapUI does not contain an element
Sep 26, 2008

James McGovern has invited you to join Kiva!

Hello!I wanted to let you know about Kiva (www.kiva.org), a non-profit that allows you to lend as little as $25 to a specific low-income entrepreneur in the
James McGovern
Aug 26, 2008

Good parser of WSDL and schema files to ANSI-C language/structures.

Hello WSDL group members, I need good tool to prepare web-service on the base of ready WSDL and schema files. Service is called SIRI. I have tried gSOAP and
Daniel Gorodowienko
Jun 23, 2008

Re: WSDL 2.0

No mainstream support yet. Apache Woden (http://ws.apache.org/woden/) is a WSDL 2.0 parser. Axis2 and Synapse support WSDL 2.0 via Woden, as do the WSO2
Anne Thomas Manes
Jan 4, 2008

WSDL 2.0

What is the general opinion people have about WSDL 2.0? Are the tools and utility by main vendords around WSDL upgraded yet? I am curious to know adoption of
Jan 3, 2008

Re: doubt on wsdl2java

I suggest you ask your question on the axis-user discussion list. Please also attach your WSDL to your question. My guess is that you need to specify your user
Anne Thomas Manes
Dec 25, 2007

doubt on wsdl2java

Hi all, I need some help w.r.t web services in java. I have a wsdl file and i need to send and receive calls to this wsdl url or file through java program.
Dec 24, 2007

Interesting article on SOA Reusability: Shrinking the Lag between B

There is an interesting article on java.net about SOA reusability, Shrinking the Lag between Business and IT:
Aug 31, 2007
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