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  • Thanks to Dave Trappett for alerting us to this great spectacle! One small correction---the birds are coming in to Blue Heron LAKE, not Blue Heron POND. The pond is the first body of water you come to after leaving the parking lot off of the Redlands Parkway. The pond is completely frozen over. The lake, however, has some open water just south of its center and the ducks are...
    leon stigen Jan 26
  • I birded this area this afternoon. It was very laborious(sp) trudging through the crusty snow. Along with a couple of adult Bald Eagles and two red-tailed hawks, I saw a common snipe feeding in the mud alongside the main pond. The snipe was feeding very much like a dowitcher, sewing machine style, while two nearby killdeers fed pretty much hunt-and-peck style(including into the...
    leon stigen Jan 11
  • While cross country skiing on the Grand Mesa today, I saw a small flock (6) of Pine Grosbeaks. They were all females. These were the first Pine Grosbeaks I have encountered up on the Grand Mesa so far this winter. Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Jan 10
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  • I went out and found Jacob's Black Phoebe this afternoon about 2.00pm exactly where he had found it this morning. Thanks Jacob! This was probably the same bird that Kathleen McGinally(sp) had found several weeks ago just across the Redlands Parkway at the 23 1/4 road pond. Unfortunately, if this is the same bird, we missed seeing it in my Connected Lakes area for the Christmas...
    leon stigen Dec 26, 2015
  • On a long afternoon hike on Turkey Flats(Pinyon Mesa) yesterday, Cecilia Barr saw a pygmy owl with its prey, a chipmunk. We read more about this owl's habits and food preferences in Tony Angell's new book, "The House of Owls.". Highly recommended!!! Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Jun 23, 2015
  • At Walter Walker wildlife area this morning, I saw an immature female Cooper's hawk perched in a dead tree. How do I know it was a female you ask? Because while I had the binos right on the bird, an adult(male, I presume) Cooper's hawk flew in and started mating with the younger bird briefly, accompanied by some squawking by the female. I can just hear some of the human jokes out...
    leon stigen May 17, 2015
  • I saw this bird about an hour ago at one of my feeders on the Redlands(Country Club Park). I don't know if this is just some kind of natural aberration, or if it has something to do with a plant that the bird has been feeding at?!!! Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen May 15, 2015
  • After being busy with other things most of the day, I finally got out on my bike for some birding. At the Blue Heron Pond, I saw 4 red-necked phalaropes, 1 Wilson's phalarope, 2 long billed dowitchers, 4 avocets, 1 black necked stilt, and 4 cinnamon teal. Across the parkway on the 23 1/4 road pond, I saw 3 resting Forster's terns, 2 spotted sandpipers, and 1 kingfisher. On the...
    leon stigen May 11, 2015
  • I saw a mystery tern at Blue Heron Pond this morning. It was probably a Forster's, although it looked smaller. Unfortunately, I had left my binoculars at home. I really got excited when I saw the tern because 3 years ago I saw a least tern at this same pond and this bird provided one of the most exciting birding experiences of my entire life! Least terns are so dynamic and fly so...
    leon stigen May 7, 2015
  • I was out on my bike this morning and saw one Caspian Tern flying around the larger ponds along the bike path halfway to Walter Walker Wildlife Area. Also, there was one Black Phoebe displaying and calling loudly from a dead tree near Phoebe Rock. Of course, Great Horned Owl young still active in their nest! Lee Stigen Grand Junction P. S. Beautiful Corn Snake along the trail in...
    leon stigen May 3, 2015