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  • Most of us know that hummingbirds regularly eat small spiders and other small insects that are trapped in their webs. Yesterday, I looked out our front kitchen window and saw a spider perched on our garden hose rack that is attached to the house. The spider had its two front legs raised in defense as a female black chinned hummingbird hovered right in front of it. It was like the...
    leon stigen Aug 3
  • The American Dipper is my all-time favorite bird. So, you can imagine how excited I was to finally find one of their nests. The nest is up under the bridge that goes over grizzly creek just before you climb up the stairs that lead to the trailhead for Grizzly Creek. This is at the Grizzly Creek rest stop in Glenwood Canyon. I was returning from Idaho Springs where I had stayed to...
    leon stigen Jun 16
  • Just to add to the reports, we had one male black-chinned hummingbird at our feeder yesterday morning in the Redlands. Lots of surprises this time of the year, of course. Next Saturday, I will be on my way to what used to be Bonny Reservoir out near the Kansas border. They drained the reservoir and it is now a state wildlife area, but there still should be some good eastern birds...
    leon stigen Apr 8
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  • The merlin that I reported at Connected Lakes the other day was a VERY pale bird. Looking in the big Sibley book, I would guess it to be one of the Prairie forms, either a juvenile bird or an adult male (because of its bluish tinge). Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Feb 3
  • While taking a walk yesterday around the last big lake in the park, I saw a merlin fly into the top of a dead snag by the water with some prey that it had. Through my binoculars, I could see that the prey was a house finch that the merlin then proceeded to pluck for its dinner. Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Feb 1
  • I saw a Great Egret this morning in the Ela sanctuary pond on the Audubon property near Connected Lakes. Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Sep 21, 2016
  • Please Google "Bat Flight Program-Carlsbad Caverns National Park." Under the heading "Bat Flight Programs", please read "Help Us Protect The Bats". Thank You!!! Lee Stigen Grand Junction
    leon stigen Sep 14, 2016
  • Though I fully realize that this is a birding network, not a mammal network, I feel that I must make just a few comments about the newly revealed bat roost here in the Grand Valley. The location of this bat roost was revealed to Cecilia Barr and myself by some dear friends of ours. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of bats flying out from this roost, and I still can...
    leon stigen Sep 14, 2016
  • Hi folks! There were two green herons at Blue Heron Pond this morning. I'm guessing that they are both this year's juveniles out doing some post nesting season wandering. Anyway, see my previous post from yesterday. Both of these birds seem to love perching on the big snag that sticks up high above the water. They both like to perch up there and stare into the water, even though it...
    leon stigen Aug 19, 2016
  • Meanwhile, right across the Redlands Parkway from where Mike Henwood saw his Black Tern, there has been a young Green Heron hanging out at this pond at least since Monday. To clarify: After you leave the Junior Service League Park on the Blue Heron Trail, I am calling the first small pond you come to Blue Heron Pond (as opposed to Blue Heron Lake, which is bigger and further down...
    leon stigen Aug 18, 2016