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hummingbird numbers different this year?

I live in Almont at 9,000’. Hummers were not at the feeders in the numbers last year. However, we have millions of flowers, paintbrush and gilia. They have
Karen Terrell
5:38 AM

Possible Chihuahuan Ravens?

Greetings All 1- this looks like a family group, and I have no idea what normal nape under feather color is for that age-class. 2- a certain number of Common
Steven Mlodinow
Jun 15

Black-chinned altitude range

Thanks Coen. It was a lone male, and I haven't seen it again yet, so probably not breeding at 9,500 feet. David ... -- Dr. David W. Inouye Professor Emeritus
David Inouye
Jun 8
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